Our solutions

International freight forwarding

In the Centaurea model, international transport operations are performed within the shared worksheet template. Through this template, customers can keep track of all the costs of their operation in a completely transparent way:

  • Air – Import and Export
  • Maritime – Import and Export
  • Self-owned Network, with coverage in over 99 countries.

National freight forwarding

If your cargo requires national transportation, count on our 100% dedicated teams to offer the best and safest solutions.

  • Cabotage
  • Air freight
  • Road freight
  • Rail freight

Customs clearance

Customs clearance solutions designed and executed by professionals with extensive customs knowledge and experience.

  • Customs consulting
  • Customs clearance
  • Tax advisory
  • Technical customs consulting
  • Atypical processes

Logistics and transportation

Need support with your logistics and transportation demands? We offer the most complete solutions.

  • Self-owned storage and national micrologistics
  • General or bonded warehouse contract management

Outsourcing services

Need to outsource some of your logistics demands to experts you can trust? We guarantee the highest standard of quality in all your logistics processes.

  • Integrated operations door to port or door to door
  • Management of port operations

Special projects

Do any of your logistics demands deviate from the standard? Our Project Cargo teams are ready to analyze your special needs, design the best solution, and execute the operation with the greatest cost-efficiency available in the Brazilian market.

  • Oversized loads
  • Complex processes encompassing port x port operations
  • Vessel Charter Contract
  • Aircraft Charter Contract
  • Land/water/air viability projects for surplus and exclusive loads

Imports and exports

Do you wish to import or export? Count on our help to identify the best opportunities, validate and execute your operations.

  • Feasibility import and export studies
  • Management of import and export by order and account
  • Market development for products (Representation)


We identified the great need of the Brazilian market in having alternative options for buying / renting of containers for projects or transports. We then created our specialized business front in this demand:

  • Lease, purchase and sale, and portal of opportunities for leasings, shipping lines and clients interested in business with containers
  • Fleet of containers available for the feasibility of international shipping projects, import and/or export maritime cargo services
  • Nationalization of containers to be used as “products” in the national market
  • Long-term leasing and container fleet management in special projects.

National/International insurance

Carrying out international or national transport operations without insurance is not an option.

  • Centaurea offers international or national insurance management with exclusive policy.

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